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Mrs. British Virgin Islands

This is an initiative of WIN BVI and the only outfit available to showcase BVI married women, Mrs. British Virgin Islands celebrates beauty and culture goodwill, tourism awareness, and most of all charitable acts through community affiliation and healthy competition.

Mrs. British Virgin Islands 2019

Mrs. Shondrea A Turnbull

Mrs. Shondrea A Turnbull,  36 year old Human Resource manager at ATU Limited Trust is Mrs. BVI 2019 – 2020.

She is the mother of 3 children, Ania 9 years Elijah and Amelle twins 4 years and wife of Dr. Michael A. Turnbull owner of Wellness Center Medical & Behavioural health clinic and Executive Pastor at Cane Garden Bay Baptist church.

The couple had been married for 12 years.

Mrs.Shondrea A Turnbull’s platform is “Wholistic wellness with the focus on the mind body and soul”.

Former Winners

Mrs. BVI 2017
Zoe Walcott-Mcmillan

She has been described as an unconventional, passionate, fashionista, a leader, mother, ambitious, driven, multi-dimensional and the list goes on. She would add flawed (under the guise of keeping it real).

With countless pageant experience through training, reigning and participating, our next Mrs. BVI is a win! She copped titles such as 1994 Ms. BVI 1st runner up and 1997 Ms. World BVI including chaperoning numerous pageant winners!

She completed her bachelor’s degree (a four-year degree) in marketing in two years. Most recently achieving license and certifications as a paramedical aesthetician, certified clinical electrologist, certified medical electrologist, body sculptor, godmother of hair (she giveth and taketh away) and the list goes on. These licenses and certifications were also achieved in short order and not surprisingly, she was also one of two persons that were awarded best all-around student from the dean.

Holding the title of supervisor & manager for a number of top bvi trust companies for over 20 plus years; that time was mirrored at radio station zbvi part-time. Marketing manager for trajectory marketing & consulting; and managing director & practitioner of newly opened family venture virgin med spa limited.

Charities, foundations are not buzz words, as she has contributed to several through hosting, decor or other promotional mediums. She was the co-founder of the imani pageant and imani models; one of several co-founders of wopahp; she donated her time teaching etiquette from kindergarten through stage 6 and started the banking program in collaboration with mwm financial investments.

While there is much more that can be said, we can all recognize that this multifaceted individual will continue and build on the legacy of our past and present Mrs. BVI. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Mrs British Virgin Islands 2017 – Zoe Walcott-Mcmillan.

Former Winners

Mrs. BVI 2016
Angelle April Cameron

Your Occupation or Career: Operations Projection Manager

Status: Married

Education attainment: Bsc. Criminal Justice

Your Hobbies or Sports: Creative writing, photography, drama, evangelism.

Describe your career and work: I was a paralegal for 13 years and I recently made a bold move to switch gears in my career. I am currently a project manager and who is busy tackling the challenges and joys of change.

​Interesting Life Story: My life’s story is as intriguing as I am. I defied death as a newborn baby. My mother changed my name from Stephanie to Angelle, which means ‘a female Angel’. I went into a coma at age 7 and survived without any complications. I was told I could never have children and have managed to give birth to 3 wonderful children and now I am determined to be impactful in small ways. Being sure to bless every person I met with what little I have, a joke, a gift, a smile, a word of encouragement or an opportunity. My story is only half told, the best is yet to come.

Why did you join Mrs. British Virgin Islands: The cause. One bold life change deserves another. Like my career, this is a shift into new territory, for a worthy cause.

Former Winners

Mrs. BVI 2015
Shevone Findlay

Sixteen years ago a foundation has been built that is still firmly supporting my platform today on Education: The ultimate key to success.

Under the definition of Education we have summarized the perspective of having the ability to process and comprehend new information on a daily basis such as the vast knowledge that is being taught in a Teacher-student setting or when better shaping one’s life skills.

As a strong advocate for Education I would like to empower the entire circle of Parents/Community, Teachers and students in educating our minds using the right tools so that we may become positive role models and build our future generation on the path of success.

Meeting every child’s needs in education with the use of effective and efficient strategies and rallying with the campaign on the Importance of Education are just a gist of my objectives. However, by way of social media, family- oriented activities and the support of the Education Department we must build a Territory with our stars of life from the womb and beyond.

Your candidate, Mrs. Shevone Findlay is ready to empower Nature’s Little Secret with pride and integrity through Education and by that I believe it is why Empowerment is SEXY!

Former Winners

Mrs. BVI 2000
Pearline Williams-Vergeer

First of all, I would like to thank the creator and all those people who have made it possible for me to be blessed with this opportunity. Wearing precious jewelry from Beautiful by Jasanay, I am ms. Pearline Williams-Vergeer the reigning Mrs. British Virgin Islands Globe 2000. At the turn of the millennium on March 4, I was crown Mrs. BVI Globe. My charity at the time was the Rainbow children’s home. I chose this charity because I like working with children and I wanted to get involve with my community and give back. For many in our community getting involve in charity base work or doing participating in the Mrs. British Virgin Islands lifestyle challenge may seem like a daunting task but I would like to encourage all eligible young ladies to participate and make a difference in your community and on behalf of Women.

This experience was very different from your typical pageant shows. The layout is simple, interview /charitable platform, national wear, and a simple evening wear. I was able to represent the BVI at the Mrs. Globe in Orange County, California and the Mrs. World in Las Vegas. There were participants from over 50 different countries and it was truly a learning experience. I would like to extend thanks to the Mrs. BVI Team, and my makeup artist, Makeup Magic by Dani.

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The Women in Need (WIN BVI) Organization is gears towards promoting and facilitating as much as possible stronger and healthier family circle. We offer programmes and platforms of enrichment with the aim of empowering women and men who enjoy our initiatives, with a further goal of building a better community through charitable giving.

If you are in need of support or aid, feel free to contact us at winbvi@gmail.com.

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