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Mrs. British Virgin Islands

This is an initiative of WIN BVI and the only outfit available to showcase BVI married women, Mrs. British Virgin Islands celebrates beauty and culture goodwill, tourism awareness, and most of all charitable acts through community affiliation and healthy competition.

Mrs. British Virgin Islands 2019

Mrs. Shondrea A Turnbull

Shondrea is the Human Resource Manager at ATU Trust Limited and is the proud wife to Dr. Michael Turnbull and mother of three.

Her platform message is wholistic wellness with a focus on the mind, body and soul.

Power 30 Reflection

As a WIN ambassador, affectionately called a Globette, I join a sisterhood of women whose mission is to empower women from around the globe. I rise to this challenge and fully embrace this responsibility. I look forward to releasing my book, The Power of 30: Transforming the Mind, Body, and Soul 30 Minutes at a Time, and using my platform to inspire women to embrace themselves holistically. Life can leave us feeling uninspired, powerless, and hopeless; it can be daunting to pursue a passion due to competing responsibilities. I have been there, so I understand. But, when we plug-in and connect within ourselves, with others, and to the Highest Power, then we are better prepared to travel through and trample over the inevitable roadblocks that life brings.

This year is 2020, so let’s all join the movement of getting our bodies healthy and active, get our minds sharp and clear, and our souls grounded and whole. We must be fit for the fight – emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Let’s keep growth at the forefront of our lives, always evolving, yet being empathetic to those around us as well. As we reach milestones in our lives, let’s reach back and bring others with us.

Let’s declare that this is the year of Endless Possibilities, and it can be our best year yet! So, let’s live in the moment, embrace our present, and know that we have a power that lives within us that can never break. We must embrace each moment, train ourselves to let the light within us shine forth despite the challenging circumstances that will come.

Although my reign as Mrs. BVI Globe 2019 has come to an end, I want to get connected to you. The work is not done and is just getting started! I want to hear from you. Let’s share our stories, challenges, triumphs, and lessons. There is enough room at the table for us all to eat, so let collaborate more, be kinder to each other, and show genuine support. Each one of us has a compelling story, and we are in this together. It doesn’t matter if you have a title because we all have royalty in our DNA, and we all have a purpose.

Let’s help each other wear our distinct crowns, be fabulous, live well, and transform the world! It starts within; it begins today. Small steps… with just 30 minutes of intentional connection, you can change your life and positively impact those around you.

Connect with the Power 30 Movement, and let’s transform our bodies, minds, and souls

Mrs. British Virgin Islands 2019 Reflection

Mrs. Shondrea A Turnbull

The journey with WINBVI and Mrs. GLOBE has been transformative and empowering. I broke out of my comfort zone, traversed unknown waters, and embraced the beauty and power of the feminine mystique. I made a significant investment in myself, and it paid off by not only having the opportunity to participate in the world’s most prestigious pageant for married women in Shenzhen, China, but I was awarded The Woman of Excellence Award and placed sixth (6th) overall. I went to China to win, and I must say, I left a winner, with a heavenly crown firmly placed on my head.

The WINBVI theme for 2019 was “Dare to be Different,” and I wholeheartedly supported and championed this message from day one until the end. As I do my final reflections on my reigning year as “Queen,” I have a few encouraging words to share.

First, in daring to be different, we must holistically embrace who we are. Each one of us has gifts, talents, and special abilities within. We must uncover it and share it with the world, unapologetically. It does not matter where you are born, what family you come from, your age, size, marital status, economic status, or title. The world needs you to show up every day, do the best you can, and walk in the direction of your purpose. The more steps that you take, the more clarity you will obtain about your mission. Remember, it’s okay if your path does not look the
same as your friends’ or family members’. If it is in your heart, pursue it anyway. Do a new thing!

Second, don’t be afraid to start from scratch. If you want to go for the promotion, commit to a relationship, start a family, enroll in school, start a business, or become a WIN Ambassador, you must be willing to put in the work to learn, grow, stumble, fail, and get up again. Success is not always as sexy as the pictures, videos, and media may illustrate. Remember that behind every interview, post and appearance is hours, days, and sometimes months of preparation, hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Feel that fear and do it anyway!

Finally, keep evolving and embracing your “different.” While participating in Mrs. GLOBE, I felt my best self. I felt fully connected to who I am and “whose” I am. My faith led me and sustained me every step of the way.  Representation matters and I went to represent where I come from standing proud atop the shoulders of the matriarchs of my family, the diaspora that shaped me, and the legacies yet to be created. I aimed to represent the beautiful British Virgin Islands with poise, grace, and style, and when people look back on this journey, I hope that they, too, are filled with pride.

I am so excited to take all that I have learned and continue the momentum and the holistic wellness movement. As I always say, “when a woman is well and whole, she not only transforms herself, but she positively impacts her home, community and the globe.”

Thank you to the WINBVI team and Director of the Year 2019, Mrs. Alicia Green, for the opportunity. I am grateful for my pageant coach, personal trainer, choreographer, colleagues, partners, and sponsors. You all are amazing; thank you for investing in this dream to empower women, especially those in need. Thank you to all my fellow phenomenal queens in the BVI and around the globe. The bonds that we created on this journey will be cherished. Thank you to all the support from the BVI, Chicago, DC, and around the globe. Last, and most importantly, I thank
my husband, Dr. Mike, parents, family, and friends. I could not have done this without your support!!

Love Alone, XOXO!

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