Mrs. British Virgin Islands Globe 2022
Platform: Cervical Cancer Awareness: KNOW, FIX, LIVE, WIN!

Greetings as Mrs. British Virgin Islands Globe 2022, I am a committed Virgin Islander seeking to create change and break barriers for women. As I continue my closer walk with God, staying in an elevated posture, I am elated to be an ambassador for the WINBVI Organization to inspire, enlighten engage and empower all females, for I believe cervical cancer does not have to claim you,  if you reclaim you.

For as long as I have known myself, I have heard and witnessed women being made fun of or talked about with deep shame when it is learned that one’s reproductive system is compromised.

I am a 17-year cervical cancer survivor. How dare I talk about my cervix, the most intimate and private part of my life? I have no choice as more and more women locally and globally are being diagnosed with cervical cancer in the late stages and are dying.

I look forward to sharing and helping women in need learn and grow from my experiences with cervical cancer and surviving it.

Remember, ladies, pay attention to your bodies. Get your pap smears done regularly. KNOW now, FIX early, LIVE life fearfully, beautifully, and wonderfully! Let us WIN together.

Remember: Know, Fix, Live, Win

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